Why Choose Mckenzie Builders?

Quality of service is just as important as quality of building at Mckenzie Builders. Meeting customer expectations is routine, but the margin by which we exceed expectations is our internal measure of success.

We constantly ask more of ourselves so our customers won't have to.

Mckenzie Builders has the capacity and experience in a diverse range of construction that ensures quality and craftsmanship. Louie and the team have the expertise in the latest building innovations and technologies which ensures that your project will be completed to the highest levels of workmanship.

Mckenzie Builders provides all its clients with the Registered Master Build 7 year Guarantee.

Louie Mckenzie

As a builder I enjoy all aspects of the building process, from concept design to handing over the keys.  I take pride in the work of my team of dedicated tradesman, whom strive in this increasingly creative and technical profession.  Having an understanding of the increasing demands of the lifestyles of our clients and families enables us to work collaboratively with them in creating their dream homes.

Our Team

The key to being a successful builder is having a great team to work with, and this is certainly true of my team.  My team relishes the opportunity to show off their craft and create homes for our clients. Including myself we have a team of carpenters and apprentices, each with commitment to every project we undertake. As a company we have had regional and national success in multiple Master Builders House of the Year competitions.

Mckenzie Builders Ltd has a team of professional and dedicated builders, who have been handpicked by Louie for their workmanship and commitment to quality. Louie is extremely proud of his team’s workmanship and work ethos, which ensures that your building experience with Mckenzie Builders Ltd is an enjoyable one.
This good team workmanship extends beyond our valued employees to the loyalty, efficiency and excellence of our preferred sub-trades and suppliers.

Louie has had over 18 years experience in the building industry both in New Zealand and Australia. Louie’s experience, and his enthusiasm for excellence, is reflected in his workmanship. Louie is a proud member of the Registered Master Builders Association and is currently on the Canterbury Registered Master Builders Executive committee (3rd term).


We have been fortunate enough to work with the following architects:

Chris Prebble Architecture                      D.D. Architecture

Pheonix Architects                                Life Style Architecture

Robin White Design                               Bespoke Architecture

Philip Bidwell Architecture

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